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I figured that this was going to have come eventually. Basically this is a combination art usage guideline post and a "FAQ" of sorts.

Please read first before continuing to the rest of my journal/galleries.

Art Usage Guidelines

-Don't steal.
-Do not try to sell my fanarts in any form.
Sort of obvious.

-Permission, when given, is only for the fanart. Original characters etc. that I create are to stay on my LJ and go no further please.

-If you'd like to use my fanarts on your website please ASK first and get my permission (e-mail, lj comment, or AIM.). I don't bite, and I almost always say "yes". Do not just take and post up without asking permission. Please credit me and link back to my DA gallery. (http://wynahiros.deviantart.com)

-Regarding icons, you don't have to ask if you can use my fanart for them, just make sure you credit me in the keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you draw such and such for me?
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid not. I don't do requests anymore. Unless you're a close friend (online or offline), or I asked for ideas or otherwise offered to do a picture for you myself.

I do commissions however.

Basically you pay me for drawing. Prices vary on difficulty/complexity/medium and how much time it takes me. Sketches are obviously cheapest. To find out more about it, it's best to contact me by e-mail or on AIM for it.

More detailed information about it and the process can be found here.

That post also marks if commissions are open or closed currently.

Do you sell originals?
Not that much. Dealing with the post office is too risky when it comes to damaged or lost art. It's also much quicker to deliver a digital copy.

I have this comic/video game/book idea idea that I'd really like illustrated. I can't promise any pay right now, but if it gets successful in the future---?
No thank you.

Can I use your line-art as a practice for coloring?
Ask me first please. I'll probably say yes.

Will you friend me back on LJ?
I don't always friend back. This is partially because I'd like to keep my f-list somewhat manageable. Also I view the friends-list feature on LJ much like that on DeviantART - basically a kind of devwatch system at best. So it's nothing personal if I don't friend back, just some more practical matters.

What kind of materials do you use?
2b-8B pencils. I'm currently using Painter IX, Photoshop and Wacom tablet for computer coloring.

Can you teach me?
I'm still learning myself, so I'd be a terrible teacher. There's others far more qualified for that than me.

Hope this cleared things up a bit. If you have any questions etc, please leave me a comment.

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