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Some of the drawings I did during Clothed Figure 2. Also some drawings I did while I was on a plane with the seat TVs on. (sorry about the graininess on those, I don't have a scanner down here).


We were supposed to turn the above guy into a woman for this one:

I think this is the one that I like the best out of this semester's batch:

I'm not terribly fond of how this one came out but it was practice at foreshortening:

These were done either in the terminal or the plane. Courage the Cowardly Dog was on so I tried drawing from it. Sorry about the quality. I don't have my scanner or normal camera down here.

Another channel had a special on parkour, so I doodled from that.

Materials: charcoal pencil, vine charcoal, chalk, micron pen, col-erase, brush pen

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